Acropolis rally

8 01 2008

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By milkfish, shot with HP Scanjet G3010 at 2008-02-02
Greece, Scott 1052, 1972, 33mm x 28mm

This stamps has the tortuous route of the Acropolis road rally depicted prominently in its design, with the twists and turns reflecting the mountainous topography of the Greek countryside contrasting with the plain light background. The race-style steering wheel making up the 0 of the 20 (for the number of years the race had been held) is a nice touch, I think. The map area is severely cropped at themargins and does not show Corfu, the eastern portion of Macedonia and Thrace, nor many of the islands (including Crete). I imagine this is in order to magnify the area of the map devoted to the race itself. But the section around Athens shows up well with the race route narrowing down to cross the isthmus in both directions. My impression of the triangular motive on the right hand part of the design is that it suggests a straight stretch of highway converging toward the horizon, but it could merely be decorative.

At the time this was issued, Greece was governed by a military junta, which I thought was odd for the place where democracy was invented. A couple of years later, it was thrown out in favor of a parliamentary form of government which has enjoyed free elections and a peaceful handover of power.

As car-crazed we are in the United States, it seems a little odd that we aren’t nearly as much into road rally type racing as they are in Europe. It’s got to be a lot more interesting than the kind of racing where they go around in oval for hours, I think. I really have no explanation for that.




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