The world as seen by the Third Reich

18 01 2008

Germany, Scott C51, 1934, 18mm x 23mm
It’s time to get this one out of the way. Here’s a Nazi Germany design prominently featuring a portion of a globe, an imperial eagle in the foreground, with the lettering in creepy Fraktur. The circular postmark of poor, pre-burning Dresden is to my mind a bonus. The countries surrounding the Atlantic Ocean have their shorelines outlined as a swastika-sun sets in the west, casting its rays over the entire Earth.

This is our first clear-cut example of out-and-out propaganda as carried out by one of the twentieth century’s masters of that craft. There will be others to come. The goal I have here is not to celebrate their techniques nor to promote their actions, but to mark what they did so as to keep in mind that there are still those who would follow in their path.




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