The age of competitive flying

25 01 2008

Monaco, Scott 151, 1964, 37mm x 37mm diamond
This handsome engraved piece marks the 50th anniversary of the first airplane rally, showing the location of the European cities visited, although not the precise route. The design was based upon a postcard which depicted the monoplane flying over the harbor and the European cities picked out in the margin. The diamond format is unusual – Monaco is partial to unconventional stamp designs such as triangles as well.

This was a golden age of airplane racing, and despite the inscription on the stamp, it seems not the first major rally:

After Reims, a series of races were held across Europe—Paris to Rome; and circuits in France-Belgium and in England—pitting, for the most part, Andre Beaumont against Roland Garros. Here, too, Garros seemed to make more out of losing each time than Beaumont did winning. Garros finally won the races held in Monaco in August 1914, a year after the first Schneider Cup event, and then went on to be first to cross the Mediterranean.

Yes, this was the same Roland Garros of tennis French Open fame, remembered for his flying ace exploits in the first World War.




One response

28 05 2009

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