1 02 2008

Romania pistol shooting issue

Romania, Scott 1749, 1965, Litho, 43mm x 24mm

A grim-looking marsksman takes aim. The event is the 1965 European rapid-fire pistol competition and to set the venue there is an outline map of western Europe, all in white, except for the country of Romania in a sort of crimson stain.

But the dark blue crosshairs of the target appear to be superimposed over the Shetland islands in the North Sea as if the gunman had taken a particular exception to that part of Scotland, or perhaps forseeing the petroleum riches coming from there in the following decade. Although I will admit that the observer’s viewpoint is a bit warped, almost Cubist in a way. He is wearing what I take to be dark earth-toned hunting garb of some sort, contrasting with the white and the light blue ocean background, and is preparing to fire from a standing position.

This stamp is a so-called “cancelled to order” (CTO), sold to collectors in a used state, as seen by the pristine cancellation mark in the upper right. Many issues of the former Eastern bloc, as well as other countries seeking to make a profit on their stamp issues, used this method to ensure that what they were selling could never be used postally for legitimate mail.




2 responses

1 02 2008

Found you through Blogmad – nice site. Stamps aren’t really my thing but I like the commentary that you’ve written along with the, Makes them more like art. All the best, Chris.

1 02 2008

Glad you found something of interest. I hadn’t seen your site yet through Blogmad but I’ll check it out tout de suite.

This specimen just struck me as sort of bizarre. I hope you’ll stop on by again just for my take on these things.

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