The aeroplane age

7 05 2008

3 airmail stampsUnited States, Scott C10, 1927, 47mm x 20mm
United States, Scott C8-C9, 1926, 47mm x 20mm

Look! It’s Lindbergh’sSpirit of St. Louis” flying from New York to Paris under the helpful sculptural inscription Lindbergh Air Mail. And on the other two airmail stamps, pairs of mail biplanes on a collision course. In each one, forced perspective makes it appear as the final outcome for good or for ill should occur within one or two seconds, at most. These come from a time where air travel was still new and daring, an exciting human achievement the same way the early space age felt.

Unlike the simple outlines of the countries at the edges of the North Atlantic on the Lindbergh stamp, the biplane stamp maps emphasize the geographical features of the Lower 48, not the political outlines so much, except for the southern border in bold.




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