Outermost Europe

13 07 2008

Réunion island stamp

Réunion, Scott 65, 1907, 35mm x 21mm

This small spot of land is Réunion Island, an outermost region of the European Union and an overseas département of France. The map on this century-old issue is somewhat hemmed in by the heavily ornamented frame in a contrasting hue (here carmine red), especially the legend which does little to indicate that the island is a tiny speck in the midst of the Indian Ocean. The nearest landmass to this is the even smaller island of Mauritius (particularly famous in philatelic circles).

Here is a Space Shuttle image of the island which for me gives a good idea of its geographic isolation. These days, however, like most place in the world, it is possible to get onto the Internet from nearly every place on Réunion island for just about free.




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